2019 Conference Presentations

2019 Conference Presentations


Emergence of Tele-dentistry and how it is changing the dental marketplace - Mike Davis & Jeff Schwab

National Association of Dental Plans (NADP) Review of ACA post mid-term elections – What is new for 2019 and beyond? - Jerry Berggren

Commercial Group Dental Trends and Industry Overview - Mary Flynn & Allan Corkum

The Continued rise of Dental Service Organization (DSO): The Impact to Dental Insurers - Steve Buege & Marc Milanowski



Leave Management - Ross Masters

Tools for the Modern Underwriter - Brian Beckman & Noel Kirsch

Augmenting Underwriting - Presentation by Curt Zepeda

Augmenting Underwriting - Presentation by Won Chung, MD 

Experience Rating - Allyson Welsh, Rich Clement & Brian Beckman

Trending - Paid Family Leave and More! - Judy Buczek



Life Waiver of Premium - SOA Study Updates - Jennifer M. Fleck & Steve Rulis

Genomics and Precision Medicine - Dr. Dave Rengachary, MD

Opioids-Man Made Epidemic - Robert (Bob) Coates MD

Benchmarking and data analytics in the group insurance industry - Jason Cianchette

Our Increasing Reliance on Enrollment: Is There a Silver Bullet? - Jennifer Pierce, Jeff Oldham & Liesl Turner

Quantify this! - Julianne Callaway & Cynthia Clement


Healthcare, Specialty & Ancillary

Alexa the Broker: How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Benefits Business - Adam Hodge

Pandemic Risk & Global Disease - Kamran Kahn, MD

Much Ado About Small Groups: A Discussion of Change in the Wake of the ACA - Michael S. McGrath, Steve Schroeder & Christopher Chirico

What is the Rx for Escalating Drug Costs? - Michael S. McGrath

Large Claim Medical Trends - Margaret Peterson

Value-Added Services for the Here and Now - Casey Pursley & Dennis Cash


Dental/Disability – Co-sponsored by the Dental and Disability Committees -

Chief Actuaries' View of the Group Business - Stu Shaw & Allan Corkum


Dental/Healthcare, Specialty & Ancillary  Co-sponsored by the Dental and Specialty Committees -

Understanding Employers Benefit Strategies in the Current Economy – We live in an on-demand world! - Michael McGrath and Dental/Specialty Committee, Members on Panel

The value (pros and cons) of bundling lines of coverage - Mary Flynn, Sandra Harris, Allan Corkum, Liz Mariner-Ford & Pete Kaczmar


Disability/LifeCo-sponsored by the Disability and Life Committees -

Is Two Really Better than One? Benefits and Pitfalls of Package Pricing - Mark Higgins & Kathleen Adams


Closing Speaker – James Slotnick

Buckle Your Seatbelts: The ACA, Medicare For All & Other Benefit Issues to Watch - James Slotnick