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Internet job ads soar in today's tight labor market, according to the Wall Street Journal. Internet recruiting costs less that $1,000 per hire verses several thousand for print ads, according to a recent article.

Once your posting has been e-mailed to the webmaster, you will receive an invoice for this service. Each position will be up on the web for a minimum of 90 days for a fee of $200 and $100 for each subsequent 90 day renewal per posting. These fees will be used to offset our Internet operating and development expenses.

Each posted position will be up on the web for a minimum of 90 days at a nominal fee in order to offset our Internet development expenses. If a company wants to post a job opportunity ad, they must have at least sponsoring one active member in GUAA. At this time, we will only be posting position for Group Underwriters. It will be the responsibility of the sponsoring member from the posting company to determine the accuracy of any ads on their behalf. The association reserves the right to decline to post any ad if it's not in compliance with the above criteria.

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