Volume 3, Issue 1 Winter 2007  
Editor-in-Chief | J.B. Hiers
Munich American Re
Managing Editor | Janice Fox
Munich American Re

President | Phil Lacy
Towers Perrin

Vice President | Carolyn Pollard
Curt Zepeda | ING
Ann Marie Wood | Anthem BCBS
Jim Hiers | Munich American Re
Jim Wilmot | BCBS Illinois
Steve Ginsburg | consultant
Kim Miller | PacifiCare Health Sys

Welcome to Risk Review, GUAA’s award-winning e-newsletter! We’re glad you dropped in. Please take the time to check us out. Should you do so, we’re confident that you will find much to your liking. Besides, I’m writing this at 36,000 feet, so that clearly means that our little newsletter must be worthy of your attention. After all, I could be napping, reading, or even better yet, annoying my seatmate all over again! My very important goal is to finish Editor’s Comments before we land, so I better stop rambling and get down to the business of letting you know what you’ll discover in the latest edition of Risk Review.

First of all, you need to know that we’re busily gearing up for another outstanding GUAA conference, this time at the Ritz Carlton in bustling downtown Chicago. Once again, The Society of Actuaries will be joining us for our event. The dates are June 24-27. You can find everything you need to know about our exciting Chicago event in Karen Gritton’s Meeting Planner Notes. You can also learn a great deal more about our Chicago meeting on the web at www.guaa.com, including detailed information on the various workshops and other educational and networking opportunities that await you in Chicago.

This just in! Registering for GUAA just became super-easy! You now have the option of paying for your registration online. And best of all, you could use any of the major credit cards to register. Be sure and take advantage of this new option, now available on our GUAA website.

There are many people to thank for their efforts in contributing to Risk Review. An extra special thanks goes to Laura Jamison with Smith Group, for her well-researched and thought-provoking article on the scary possibilities of a Pandemic Flu in our not-too-distant future. Anyone who is familiar with the 1918 Influenza Pandemic that resulted in an estimated 675,000 deaths in the U.S. (including my maternal grandfather’s 18 year-old brother) is well aware of the potential nightmare we could all face.

More thanks go out to several of GUAA’s Committees for their contribution to our newsletter. The Life, Dental and Disability Committees all weighed in with timely articles. Jennifer Kyle with Assurant previews the Dental Committee’s slate of workshops in Chicago, and Rich Clement with Smith Group focuses on the important differences between “Good Case-Bad Case” in disability underwriting.

In addition, Greg Binns with TruRisk offers a new approach for a winning proposition with Group Life and Disability underwriting, and Dr. Robert Shepherd with Munich American Re talks about the importance of a good night’s sleep in our Medical Wellness section.

Just for kicks, be sure and participate in the super-easy contest at the very end of newsletter. Just identify where the two pictures were taken and email your answers to jhiers@marclife.com and you will automatically become eligible for a grand prize drawing for a $50 gift certificate to Borders Books and Tapes.

By the way, even though it’s brutally cold outside for many of us, it’s nice to know that Spring Training is right around the corner. In spite of about 75 homers from the Phillies’ Ryan Howard, look for the Atlanta Braves to recapture the NL East. Just remember—you read it here first!

That’s all I got, which is a good thing because some really officious sounding flight attendant just told me to shut down my computer, or else. But that’s OK. Besides, I’m done here—just like I said I would be!

We sincerely hope you enjoy another stellar edition of Risk Review

Hold it! One more thing! Since it’s so cold outside these days, we thought you might enjoy these sunset pictures taken by GUAA Board Member, Anne Marie Wood, and her husband, Reggie, at Mallory Square in Key West…