Volume 2, Issue 1
October 2005    
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Welcome to the fall edition of GUAA’s award-winning on-line newsletter, Risk Review! We’re very glad you’re here. We’re especially proud of this issue, and we hope you stick around to long enough ot check out the entire newsletter. You’ll see that this issue is jam-packed with all sorts of useful information. Best of all, you’ll find a super-easy GUAA Trivia Contest at the very end of the newsletter. The lucky winner walks away with a $50 gift certificate to Borders Books and Tapes, so be sure to give it your best shot. After all, it’s a known fact that only those who actually swing the bat ever get a base hit.

I just experienced the absolute worst sports week of my life, so I’m trying to carry on without maiming anyone who has the audacity to look cheery this week. All my teams went down in flames last weekend. The worst part of all, though, was the brutally painful fact that Georgia Tech, the Falcons and the Braves all waited until the very last minute to pull the rug out from all their fans hopes and dreams. The Braves even had the nerve to hang around for 18 painful innings—that’s right 18! —before deciding not to play any more baseball in 2005. Following the Braves debacle, I tried my best to end it all by sticking my entire head into the microwave, but I couldn’t get the door closed. This means I have no choice but to live on in an emotionally wounded capacity. (Since Trisha Yearwood is an Atlanta native and probably feels my same pain, maybe she can write a sad sack country song about the frightening weekend. That way, I can drink beer, cry and listen to the song at the very same time!) Anyway, it’s too late for me—you folks need to save yourselves!

There are many people to thank for this edition of Risk Review, so let’s get to it. My thanks to the GUAA Committees (well, 4/5th of them!) for sharing important and interesting information in the Committee Reports section of the newsletter. A special thanks goes to Rich Clement of The Smith Group for his timely report on how certaqin insurerers are managing in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Rich and Tom Kirner (now with The Hartford) also did a nice job of compiling recent industry survey data for your viewing pleasure in their article, Survey Sez.

Karen Gritton, GUAA’s incredibly talented professional meeting planner, gives a terrific overview of our fast-approaching November meeting in Spotlight on Orlando. You’ll also find very informative articles on Predictive Modeling by Ruth Ann Woodley, FSA and Marilyn Schlein Kramer, and a terrific update on Critical Illness by Don Pisetsky, PhD. Thanks also to Dr. Gina Guzman with Munich American Re for her article on the importance of colon screening in our Medical Wellness section. (I do have a word of advice for all – if you elect to undergo a colonoscopy, be sure to get it done professionally, folks!)

Hold it! There’s more! Mark Walker, GUAA’s President, kindly humored me by participating in a brief Q & A session. Not only will you learn about the direction Mark would like to see GUAA take in the next year or so, but you’ll also discover that Mark is a huge Red Sox fan who was born in Iowa and now lives in Minnesota. Go figure. Like me, Mark is singing the Baseball Blues these days.

Go Cards! Go White Sox!

We sincerely hope you enjoy our latest edition of Risk Review!
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Munich American Re
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Munich American Re
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The Hartford

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Minnesota Mutual

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J.B. Hiers
Munich American Re
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Sky O'Callahan | Standard
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